The songs in Stand Tall were written over the past 10 years and recently I was given the opportunity to record and share them.  I have been writing since high school and I am immeasurably grateful for the gift of music, the blessing it has been to me and the incredible power it has to encourage and inspire.
The songs on this record grew out of a combination of personal experiences and a prior role as a worship leader at Providence Church.  The inspiration for many of the songs and/or the stories behind them can be found in the Inspiration tab of this website.  The lyrics can be viewed in the Lyrics tab.
The story behind this album is something I also want to share.  I have had a goal of recording these songs for many years but the time constraints of work and personal commitments translated to one or two “demos” per year.  My daughter, Kate, a singer/songwriter working on her fourth album, introduced me to Tim Lauer with whom she is currently writing and recording. 
Tim is a very prolific and gifted writer, session player and producer.  When I shared my desire with Tim to record a collection of songs that would otherwise likely remain on the “shelf,” he offered to organize and lead a session in Nashville and bring in what turned out to be the most amazing group of musicians (including Tim) I could have ever asked to work with (see credits below). 
Hearing them take my rough demos and almost instantaneously turn them into finished songs was an experience I will never forget.  Tim and his session players performed on the first six songs of this record and the remaining songs are demos that I recorded.
What is most special to me about this record is that my wife, Betsy, and daughters Kate and Courtney are singing on many of the tracks and I had the great joy of sharing this experience with them.  I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am for them and for all of their love and support.  In addition, I’d like to thank:
Tim Lauer for all of his generosity and effort in making this happen and orchestrating the recording of the first six songs of the record.
Bobby Campbell for the incredible job he did recording the vocals and mixing tracks 1 - 6.
My sister, Deborah, for all of her love, encouragement and prayers that I would someday get these songs recorded.
All Tracks:
Mastering: Yes Master (Nashville)
Tracks 1 – 6
Lead Vocals: Will Voegele (except Christmastime which features Courtney and Kate)
Backing Vocals: Betsy, Kate and Courtney Voegele
Keyboard, harmonica, accordion (and other instruments): Tim Lauer
Drums: Ben Phillips
Bass: Tony Lucido
Guitar: Mike Payne
Guitar: Jerry McPherson
Mixing: Bobby Campbell
Tracks 7 – 10
Instruments and vocals: Will Voegele
All songs written by Will Voegele © 2013, ASCAP
Christmastime written by Will Voegele and Kate Voegele