Listed below are the stories and/or inspiration behind five of the songs included in this collection.
Stand Tall

I was introduced to Scott Fedor about a year after a diving accident left him a quadriplegic due to a C3 spinal cord injury.  Scott has become not only a good friend but someone I have come to respect and appreciate more that I can express. 
As noted on his website, “once told by doctors he would never breathe on his own, move his body, or even spend long periods of time out of bed, Scott made it his mission to embark upon a new adventure and defy the odds. He was determined to stay positive and maintain a relentless focus on what he wished to accomplish. Not only does Scott now breathe on his own, he has far exceeded just about every expectation of those original doctors. Today he maintains an active lifestyle and continues working hard to grow stronger every day.”
Scott’s relentless determination to make a difference with his life and his deep faith in God to guide, provide and reveal His glory in us was the inspiration for this song.  The words of the chorus come from Psalms 42: v7 and Psalms 40: v2
Scott is also the founder of Getting Back Up, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, education, awareness and research for those living with a spinal cord injury.
His Amazing Grace
His Amazing Grace was inspired by a true story that was shared with me of a well-known NFL player who in desperation, after struggling with drug addiction, finally checked into rehab looking for hope and healing.  While there, he gave his life to Christ and found God’s grace and unconditional love.  Every morning, he would play and sing the classic hymn, Amazing Grace…and every morning, they would gather ‘round him to hear his beautiful and heartfelt rendition.  His “Amazing Grace” was so powerful that it became his legacy more than his accomplishments on the field.
Message from Heaven
Message from Heaven was for me, an opportunity for a father to speak to his children from heaven and to say what I imagined he would want to tell them…assuring them that he would see them again someday, that he loved and believed in them and urging them to keep the faith.
Hojayi’s Song
In 2010, I had the great privilege to travel to La Chureca, Nicaragua with a humanitarian organization (Lacrosse the Nations - LtN) co-founded by my son-in-law, Brett Hughes.  La Chureca is a trash dump community where the residents live on (and from) the trash that is brought in daily.  Along with other organizations, LtN provides support, education and encouragement for the children and families of La Chureca. 
As heartbreaking as it was to experience this community, I was taken by the beautiful, loving children who attended the on-site school where LtN uses lacrosse to teach, empower and encourage attendance. 
While there, I met a little girl named Hojayi (pronounced: oh-hoddy) and without ever speaking a word (I don’t speak any Spanish) we became friends, spending hours playing together and taking pictures.  I realized how much beauty there can be even in a place like La Chureca, and how without words, child-like innocence and trust can build bonds of love. Here is the video of Hojayi's Song.
I’ll See You in Heaven
Recently, a very close member of our extended family passed away after a courageous two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.  He was however, undeterred throughout, expressing his characteristic gregarious personality, sense of humor and unwavering faith.  His brother shared the story of how his distraught father had to leave his son’s bedside and was not sure he would be alive when he returned.  The response to his father was simple and matter of fact; “don’t worry, dad, I’ll see you in Heaven.”  This song was inspired by his calm trust and certainty in God's promises.